Dana DuMont is an artist and educator who works with varied media including digital images, collage, drawings, fibers, glass, and clay. Elements of and connections to the natural world inspire her pieces and she regularly incorporates recycled, donated and found items into her works. She exhibits and sells her work regionally, her paint restoration of the RCA “Nipper” window is on view at The Smithsonian’s Museum of American History, and she continues her teaching, which like her artistic process, encourages creative risk-taking, perseverance, humor, reflection, and environmental stewardship. DuMont holds BFAs in Craft Materials and Art Education from Virginia Commonwealth University and an MH with a concentration in art history from the University of Richmond. She makes her home in Richmond, VA, and is always looking forward to her next travels.

Artist Statement

My background is in craft materials, mixed media, and art history, and my grounding influences include arts from all cultures, the natural world, and my perception of wisdom and good humor. While I now live in a city, growing up in rural upstate New York and traveling throughout many U.S. National Parks developed my perspective on and subsequent advocacy of ecological stewardship. I am particularly interested in issues connected to sustainability/Seventh Generation philosophy, social justice, and the many areas globally where these topics intersect with each other and the arts. Creating works in varied media allows me to consider any number of ways to express my reverence for and connections to the natural world, to celebrate wit and beauty, and to explore the concepts of mystery, secrecy, intimacy, uplift, nurturing care and healing linked to our shared natural world.